Meet Iva

Iva is a highly passionate faith filled woman who has devoted her life to helping her clients experience lasting transformation so they can live a life of FREEDOM!

If you’ve ever wondered whether you...

  • Were made for more
  • Might be missing something in your life
  • Are living fully in your purpose

Then you are in the right place!

Entrepreneur / Wife / Mom / Leader / Neuroscience Coach / Speaker

Over the course of her life, from starting her first business at age 14, helping her son overcome an Autism diagnosis, leading in her church, and building successful businesses, Iva's story is a testament to the goodness of God. 

Today, Iva is living out her dream of teaching and leading others in the coaching realm. She still has a love for fashion (proven by the number of shoes in her closet), and her answer to anyone else who wonders if they can live fully out of who God called them to be is yes! No matter how hard it gets, keep walking in faithfulness and obedience to God with your eyes on the vision. It can become a reality for you!

A desire to honor God and a determination to never give up have helped her never veer off course and ultimately live her dream.

Iva’s journey begins as a young Amish girl born and raised on a farm in the Midwest. Iva was a dreamer. In fact, she had some really big dreams. She dreamt about fashion design, being a teacher, and creating financial wealth—all things that were not fitting for a woman in her culture.

Dreams are the seeds of change

“I finally feel the freedom in my spirit that I have been yearning for pretty much my whole life!”

- D.M.

There has never been a better time to invest in yourself!

You were born for greatness, created by God with a divine purpose. By committing to the transformation process, you unlock the limitless potential within you.

The world is desperate for the solutions you carry, the unique gifts, talents, and abilities that only you have. People's lives are waiting to be changed by the impact you're meant to create.

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“I feel as if I am talking with a trusted friend who has the tools I need to overcome limiting beliefs and behaviors that have held me back.”

Iva is an excellent listener. She is very insightful and discerning, and while she is gentle and respectful, she is also honest and direct, which I very much appreciate!

- K.E.