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What Clients Are Saying...

"Through Iva’s careful listening during our coaching sessions and her working alongside of me, I was able to set attainable goals and achieve what I desired."

"Working with Iva has been a gift!"


Kind Words

My problem area was that I needed to focus on needs and not just fun times. It was so easy to skip the needed jobs that are unpleasant.

Since coaching with Iva I have been able to do the worst part first, instead of trying to get out of it!

Iva helps you arrive at the root of your issues so you can grow & get out of any ruts that you may be stuck in."

Iva does great with keeping me sticking to the plan!



Before engaging in coaching services I had a lot of areas that I felt weak in that I wanted to address but didn't know what to pursue first, or how to address things while living a busy life. This meant that these areas were often overlooked in order to just engage in basic life commitments.

As the coaching went along I was able to focus on the issue I was having with going out without feeling out of place while living cross-culturally through small action steps and accountability from Iva.

Since receiving coaching from Iva I was able to go from leaving my house 1-2 times a week begrudgingly as I worried about how I appeared, to leaving my house 6-7 times a week with little thought of how I was being perceived as I engaged in the things I desired to do.

The most helpful part of the coaching was that I was guided through the process. Often I am relying on my own knowledge and motivation to address my weak areas, and can get distracted or side-tracked during the process. This meant that I could stay focused on the action steps rather than the overall process that Iva guided me through.

If you are willing to do small things for lasting life change and engage in accountability in order to address weak areas in your life, then this is for you.

The most helpful part of coaching is that I was guided through the process.

I have seen so many benefits of coaching and achieved much more than I ever thought I could! Coaching has helped me realize that it is not my responsibility to be the peacekeeper in every and all situations. It was amazing to see the peace that entered my life when I was able to not worry or focus on making everyone happy. Even though my personality is a peacekeeper, I was able to see that I am able to not let my personality control my thoughts.

Another goal I have been able to achieve is seeing an increase in my prayer life and time spent in the Lord’s word. My prayer life has increased, and I have been able to set specific and consistent times to spend studying the Bible. As a result, I have been able to grow in my knowledge of the Lord and deepen my relationship with Him.

Lastly, I have been able to implement many healthy habits since receiving coaching. It was through coaching that I was able to have accountability and reflect on why I wanted to be healthier. This accountability and reflection has allowed me to make healthier choices, be more active, and most importantly, feel better. 
Christian coaching has allowed me to play an active role in changing my life in a variety of ways. Iva has been able to challenge me, allow me to reflect, and helped me deepen my Christian faith.

Working with Iva has been a gift! When you receive Christian coaching you are working alongside a wonderful Christian life coach that helps you identify your goals and the strategies needed to get there. This strategic partnership allows you to see major changes in your life.

One of the final things I loved was that at the beginning and end of every session, we would pray together. Prayer is such a powerful tool to connect us to one another and the Lord. I really appreciated our prayer times at each session and the compassion that was shown during my time working with Iva.

Iva listened to me and worked alongside me to help me set attainable goals to achieve what I wanted.


I now have a clear vision for my life 

My life was chaotic and I was unable to put a name to my gifts and callings. I wanted to put order to my chaos, find my best yes and stick to it!

Due to Iva's skilled coaching, I now have a clear vision for my life, in my head and on paper, for years to come. Now I know when to say yes to things and when I need to say no, without feeling guilt. 

I finally feel the freedom in my spirit that I have been yearning for pretty much my whole life!